36 ~ Jules

Ghia’s prediction of the tavern’s business level had proved correct – hardly a patron stirred as Jules entered.

He didn’t see the healer and settled down at the counter patiently. He didn’t have to wait long; a few minutes later Ghia entered through the kitchen doors. She served the other patrons first, giving Jules the barest of glances.

She was dressed in simple homespun, her hair back and her face paler than earlier that day. She looked near to dropping from exhaustion, but he was relieved to notice her eyes were back to normal.

He knew what he’d seen. Ghia’s eyes had been bright gold and he wanted to know why. Superstitious commoners said gold eyes were the sign of Umbra, Goddess of Lunacy and Witchery, ruler of Tyvian, dark twin of Kore. Jules knew better.

He wanted to know why Ghia had the eyes of a Magi.

A tap on his shoulder made him look up immediately but Ghia was already at the stairway, going up. He frowned. How’d she do that? He almost expected her to turn and answer. When she didn’t, he shrugged and followed her.

He was going to get to the bottom of this. Even if she kills me.


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