41 ~ Jules

There was an uneasy silence in the tiny room.

Ghia was unconscious, Jules awkwardly holding her. She was light, sure, but her slippered feet kept on sliding on the wood floor, forcing him to adjust his grasp constantly.

Anala looked better; her eyes had regained their brightness.

Aro was stunned. “How….” he began; then shook his head.

Jules grunted as he readjusted the sleeping girl in his arms. “Ghia must have trusted you to reveal that much – or she was too tired to hide it.”

“What, exactly, did she reveal?” Aro asked.

“She’d be a Wind Seeker, Aro,” Anala said. Unlike the major’s face, her voice held no fear.

Jules shook his head vehemently. “No. Not a Wind Seeker.”

“Then what?” Aro looked as if a rug had been pulled swiftly from under him.

There was a pause – can I reveal this much? Jules didn’t want to endanger Ghia.

Your silence does more harm.

The medic managed to not show his surprise, but Rosa’s voice had scared the starlights out of him.

“She’s part Magi.”

Another silence followed. Aro’s face registered incomprehension.

“Is that a good thing to be?” he asked.

Jules wanted to laugh hysterically. He managed to choke out a strangled “Yes,” before being reduced to giggles.

Aro looked at him worriedly. Anala still had a peaceful look on her face.

As he recovered from his fit of mirth, Jules managed to explain a bit.

“So you see it must be kept a secret?” he finished, mirth replaced by seriousness.

Aro and Anala nodded in unison, which Jules found very funny as well, for some reason. I’m tired. He looked at Ghia with some dismay. But I still have to carry her upstairs.

As if she’d heard his thoughts, Anala wordlessly stepped forward and hoisted Ghia with no apparent effort. She was out the door before either man could protest.

Sighs escaped major and medic in unison.

“Stubborn woman,” muttered Aro as Jules expressed the same sentiment about the healer. They exchanged glances and both laughed..

“I think I need to sleep,” said Jules, bursting with giggles.

“I think so too, Medic.

The stress on his title did not go unnoticed but Jules chose to ignore it. “Good night then, Major,” he said as he left the small room, leaving Aro alone in the privy. He snorted at that thought; then, tired of fighting hysteria, gave in to laughter completely as he climbed the stairs.


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