57 ~ Jules

Jules woke to the feeling of being stared at. He raised himself up on his elbow and looked at the space beside his bed. A flash of light on eyes. Gold eyes.

“Ghia? What…is it dawn already?” No, it couldn’t be, for the windows showed darkness outside.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered, and he felt a pressure on his mattress as she sat the edge of his bed. “I couldn’t sleep.”

He groaned and flopped back against his pillow. “And so you decided to keep me from slumber as well?”

“No.” Her voice was small, and he regretted getting cross with her. “I was hoping you had some trick for getting to sleep in difficult times…some soldier’s trick, mayhap.”

None that I could practise with you, Luscious. He realised he’d need another cold shower in the morning.

He rubbed the heels of his hands into his eyes. “Do you want me to sing you a lullaby?” he asked, somehow keeping his voice from being flippant. It was the only thing that came to mind and didn’t involve stripping her naked and ravishing her until she screamed his name in pleasure.

Woah, there. Down, boy.

“Yes, please,” she whispered, and before his surprise could register she was lying down beside him. Hastily he scooted over to make room, and she snuggled up against his chest.

“You want to sleep here, then,” he said. Was he dreaming?

Her head moved against his chest in a nod. “I trust you, Jules.”

He suppressed a groan and wrapped his arms around her in a hug. Good show, Jules – a young, gorgeous, buxom girl in your bed and you’re just friends. What did you do to piss off Desirelle?

Determined to keep his thoughts pure, he started rocking her gently and singing in a not-too-terrible voice. He’d had to sing Nathan to sleep when his brother had been a babe, after all; so he had some practice.

Soon Ghia’s breathing dropped into a regular in-and-out, signifying deep sleep. Jules let his voice fade into silence and stopped rocking her. She didn’t stir, and he breathed a sigh of relief.

Now. If he could just ignore the feeling of Ghia’s supple body against him, he was sure he’d have a wonderful night’s rest.

As wonderful as possible, sharing such a small bed.


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