65 ~ Jules

Night had fallen around them, but they rode on, refreshed from their second break. Ghia had suggested they ride on through the night, which, Jules thought, had surprised Yarrow. No one had come up with a reason not to, and so they’d just kept going.

No one except him. But he’d be damned if he told his bellica he needed a break from Ghia being in his lap. He’d never wanted to be an ascetic, but it looked as if the Goddesses had different ideas.

He adjusted their positions in the saddle, trying to find a way of sitting that didn’t torment him so. It was useless. The saddle wasn’t really big enough for two people to ride it comfortably. Not if one of them wants to retain any self-control, he thought, gritting his teeth as Suki put a little more force into her trot, making both healers bounce even more in the saddle.

Demon horse. He’d bet she knew….

Ghia slumped forward then, and Jules realised she’d fallen asleep. Poor girl must be exhausted.

He didn’t want her falling off, no matter how much her curves were torturing him. He slinked an arm around her waist and pulled her back until she was resting comfortably against him, head on his shoulder.

So much for trying to keep from touching her as much as possible, he thought morosely, and settled in for a harder – More difficult, I meant more difficult! – ride.


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