84 ~ Magea Rosa

Magea Rosa woke from sleep as the reverberation hit her. A wave of pain washed over her, like ocean water, and she reeled in her tower room.

Stretching out mental tendrils, she saw the watery wall around Mt. Voco was gone, and instantly realised what must have happened.

There had been a Magi – part-Magi, to judge by the relative weakness of the wave she’d felt – on Mt. Voco. Now that Magi was dead.

All the Magi were connected – or had been. When one Magi died, the pain spread throughout the population, hitting those with a personal connection to the now-dead one the hardest. No single Magi was ever unaware of a friend or lover’s death. As she was one of the last full Magi left, she felt quite a bit of pain. She knew when each of her friends had died, after they’d split up so many millennia ago, the only six of their kind left after the Wars that had shook their people. Satrah and Tmetsis had gone first – found by Terrans, chased to the now aptly named Cliffs of the Magi. The rocks below had broken them. She’d seen it from her safety in Tirth Huantair, at the scrying device in the empty Kernornian school. She’d not known the manner of the others’ deaths, for she’d not been at the scrying device. But she’d felt them – next had been Melcynon, nearly three thousand years after Satrah and Tmetsis. Another thousand claimed Ajnha.

That left just herself and Corinus. She’d felt better for the fact that her wing-brother was still alive, even if to be together would be dangerous. Besides – he looked too much like his brother, and to look upon Ather’s face still brought her pain. To know he was alive had been enough.

Now she was not so sure. It had been 300 years since she’d been awake to feel anything, and in that time a new race of Magi-Terran had sprung up. Or was it here before, and I just hadn’t noticed?

No, she would have – if by nothing else but the deaths of the part-Magi, for she was sure they were not as long-lived as her kind. So at some point in the past three hundred years Corinus had successfully started a new race of their kind and the kind of their erstwhile enemies. How had he done it? Was he still alive for her to ask?

She wished she knew. All she knew now was whoever had just died was not full Magi, but one of Corinus’…children, she supposed. No wonder she loved Ghia so much in so short a time – the girl was as good as her niece.

She shook her head, clearing her mind of her thoughts. Right now she could see the events unfolding in Harbourtown, and knew she had to contact the part-Magi healer. She’d speculate later.

Rosa! said the girl in relief when Rosa touched her mind. I just felt the strangest thing – like a wave of cold water knocked me off my feet and froze my heart. What happened?

Quickly Rosa explained, and she heard Ghia’s mental gasp. Is Anala well? the healer asked, worry gripping her tone.

Anala is alive, but she is losing the fight. She’s in Harbourtown now – they’ve gotten her to a clinic, but the healers there will not be able to help. I’ll do what I can from Atherton, but get there as soon as you can, Ghia.

I’m on my way, Ghia responded, and then the girl was gone from their contact.

Rosa turned her attention to the bellica in Harbourtown. She found the store of healing energy Ghia’d left the woman, nearly depleted by its effort to keep Anala from death. Rosa filled it again, and a strange power rose up, meeting her in hostility and anger.

It was Anala’s Magi-self, finally fully awakened. Rosa greeted it and told it she meant no harm. Anala’s Magi-self subsided and went back to guarding the bellica.

Rosa withdrew, mentally drained and confused. Ghia’s Magi-self was Aiprorian – air-bound, which made sense if Corinus was the progenitor of the Magi-Terrans. Elements brought forth their own elements, in Magi procreation – earth from earth, air from air. There was no blending.

Anala’s Magi-self was impossible. How did fire and water mix at all, let alone with Magi powers? How on Cora did that come from an Aiprorian?

Or had Satrah and Tmetsis also contributed to this strange new breed? No, that was impossible. Magi-Terrans would have to be several thousand years old for that to be possible, and Rosa knew they’d only been around for the time of her half-life.

Magi could propagate only their own elements. At least, she thought that was the case. Would she and Ather have created a new race with their brood – a blend of Air and Earth? She didn’t know. He’d died before she could find out.

Maybe there was something in Terrans – some unknown variable. There were probably a lot of unknown variables with the younger, alien species. Maybe Magi could propagate only their own element, but some twist in the Terran genotype had created the fire-water mix in Anala?

She put aside her musings for later. She’d have to examine the bellica upon her return.

Right now she was going to allow herself to mourn for the death of her unknown relative. She’d never let a single known Magi death pass without mourning, and she was not going to start now.


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