95 ~ Anala

Jourd’Muerta, 6th Primera

Anala was immensely grateful to the forward-thinking healer, who had booked a few rooms at the tavern the night before in anticipation of not only Yarrow and company’s arrival, but in anticipation of Anala’s cabin fever at the clinic: one more day there and she would have gone mad.

She had protested quite vocally at being carried by stretcher, however, from clinic to tavern – to no avail, of course. Ghia’s word had been a law that Aro and Dagon would not break. So she’d sat back and sulked, and upon reaching her new room, promptly and viciously paced the length of it several times.

Soon she was winded and tired, and, conceding she was worse off than she’d thought, rested in the large double bed.

Ghia came in a few moments later and gave Anala a look that told the bellica she knew precisely what had transpired and did not approve. Anala pointedly ignored her.

She sighed and shook her head. “Baby steps, Anala, baby steps. You’ve been through quite an ordeal,” she said. Before Anala could respond, Ghia had gone through the door to their shared privy and shut it.

Grumbling about know-it-all healers and the lack of respect for one’s superiors and what was becoming of Athering when a bellica’s word was questioned, she sat back to wait for Ghia so she could grumble in earnest at the healer and not just to herself. She didn’t have to wait long before there was a shout of terror from the privy; stumbling into action, Anala crawled out of bed and staggered to the door as fast as her tired body would allow. Wishing she had her sword strapped on and had not left it leaning beside the bed, she pushed the door to the privy open.

Ghia sat, unharmed, staring at a pair of bloodstained underwear with a look of horror and confusion on her face. Noticing Anala, she looked up bemusedly. “What is this?” she asked the bellica.

Anala made a face somewhere between a smile and a frown, which was fairly indicative of how she felt. “Have ye never had yer moontime afore?” Definitely strange, for Ghia to have not had it at this age – although not totally unheard of. Stranger, however, for the healer to be confused as to the blood on her underthings – everyone knew about moontime, especially healers.

Ghia looked back to the now-red cloth, her mouth making a small ‘o’. “Of course. How silly of me, to forget the obvious.” She gave a small laugh and shook her head. “Do you think you could get me some supplies, Anala? I’d really appreciate it.” She gave the bellica a self-deprecating smile.

Anala quirked her mouth in a half-smile and nodded, acceding to the healer’s request. Jus’ like ‘er ta be so absorbed with the problems o’ everyone else that she’d not ken the most basic o’ biological functions could happen ta her. She’d be human too, she thought, and then frowned, considering Ghia’s other side. Well. ‘alf.

She opened the door and found Aro with his hand poised to knock. He frowned to see her out of bed. “I heard a shout. Everything alright?”

Anala gestured to the privy. “Ghia’s first moontime,” she said simply.

Understanding dawned on his face. “Say no more. I’ll be right back,” he said, and turned to go downstairs – but not before giving Anala a quick kiss on the cheek.

She smiled and shook her head, closing the door behind him. She truly was lucky to have a man such as Aro. I’d have ta be sure an tell ‘im, before it’d be too late.

Halfway to the privy door, she frowned. What had brought on that thought? She tried to dismiss it, but the sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach didn’t let her. With that worry hanging over her head, she told Ghia supplies were on their way before crawling back into her bed to get a much-needed nap.



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