141 ~ Magea Rosa

Gray walls surrounded her on all sides, boxing her in.

She stood, swaying only slightly, a movement that brought comfort to her, lest they see her and make the pain begin again.

A skittering noise above her, like a spider becoming acquainted with her branches. She moved to flatten herself against a wall, away, far from the danger. She fell, then, for there were no walls, and landed with a crack against the stone floor. She heard a scream and looked around dumbly before realising it had been she herself, screaming in agony when a branch broke from her head. Hot sap oozed down the side of her head, coating her leaves to her face. The scream echoed around the room and hit her across the face, scaring her back into silence.

A moment of lucidity descended then, and her sense of self rushed back to fill her so she felt she flew, as once before. Gripped in the exultation of flight and the realisation of her entrapment she scrambled to the window, half-crawling, half-running, thinking – if I can just make the window, I can drift to the ground; I can leave this tower, for yes, it is the tower I’m in, and not that other place, no that was long ago, they’re all dead now they’re all dead – the window! Alas, the window, if only I can make it; I won’t be trapped anymore; not trapped; trapped, trapped, trapped.

The word echoed in her skull as she flung herself against the glass and pounded her branch-like arms against it, stick-fingers curled into fist-like shapes. For an hour she pounded, trying desperately to break the glass that was dark no matter where the sun or moons lay in the sky. Sap ran from between her fingers, from the edges of her knotted, gnarled hands, and down her branches to rest on her trunk. She did not notice, and as she did not remember that she’d done this before, she did it again.

Suddenly in exhaustion she stopped, and with the lack of movement lucidity fled, and she wandered the dark corridors of her madness again. Thinking herself being held, she leaned her head to rest on the window. The sap dried her arms and head to the glass while the window told her that he’d never left her, she’d just stopped looking.

She murmured happily. Ather.


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