143 ~ Anala

0120 hours

She was not sure what woke her from her restful sleep, but all she knew was a moment she dreamt peacefully, Aro’s smiling face in her mind’s eye, and the next moment she was moving around her quarters, not even fully awake as she dressed for battle and ran to the barracks.

“Up, up!” she shouted to her women, all sleeping peacefully.

They awoke, confused and sleepy, but started getting dressed all the same. “There’s been no alarm, Admiral,” Cpt. Reid said sleepily.

“I ken something’d be wrong,” was all she said. It was enough. Her battle-sense was well known, and trusted, by her women.

They were ready in seconds, but she was already running down the hall, towards where she knew the danger was, and her women struggled to follow.

Dimly she heard the alarm bell being rung to wake the other regiments and bellicas as she ran onwards, not slowing once in her headlong flight.

Towards the hospitalis.


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