147 ~ Rosa

0245 hours

In one of her few and brief periods of lucidity she had taken to walking the circumference of the room, to remind herself, even in madness, that it was a room, and not the other place she’d feared so.

It had worked, more or less. She did not stop moving, wearing a rut in the stone and her root-feet to polished wood in places. Around and around. Around and around.

Here I am. Here I am in the castle.

Not the other place.

Around and around.

She reached the window for what must have been the thousandth time. A click sound rent the air loudly and she stopped to listen, though it felt as if her body kept moving forward in her circuit. A whine followed the click, and then there was a very loud noise.

Rosa looked up, her hands still on her ears. A light shone through the open doorway.

They were back.

They had done it all again. It had all happened again.

She felt that terrible anger rise up in her then and she laughed, a mad sound like the clacking of tree branches together in a gale.

She walked forward, intent on ending it for good this time.


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