150 ~ Ghia

0253 hours

She hoped this worked.

Rosa beneath her, Ghia planted her weight on the Magea and placed her left hand on Rosa’s forehead.

Ryll, hear my plea – heal her!

She didn’t know if the Magi deity would hear her, or if she could even summon the Ryllan energy anymore. If that didn’t work, nothing would. She could see Rosa was mad – had embraced the darkness of Lyra. Ryll was the only power to combat that.

She was knocked from Rosa then, and the Magea rolled on top of the healer. A branchy hand closed around Ghia’s throat and she felt a blast of Lyran energy hit her.

Sinking fast into her own madness and now slippery with her own blood as it leaked from the wounds all over her body, she struggled to fight Rosa off.

It didn’t work. She was too weak.

In desperation she placed both hands – whole and broken – on the arm that was working to strangle her, and tried again. Remembering her training, she reached out to the power of the sun, trying to raise all the Ryllan energy she could and direct it to the Magea – not to hurt, but to heal.

Ryll, if You can hear me…please….

Spots danced in front of her eyes as her windpipe was crushed. Her peplos was soaked from the pool of her own blood she rested in. Still she pushed her strength, trying to heal her mentor.

Even if it’s the last thing I do.

All was fading; darkness was taking her. Then a flash of brilliant light blinded her, and there was no more weight on her.

She took a deep breath and her lungs burned. She’d staved off the madness, at least, and if that flash was any indication, Ryll had answered her plea. It was the last thing I did, she thought, feeling the blood sticky in her hair.

Her eyes fluttered closed and her breathing slowed. She felt arms encircle her and she let them bear her up, sure she was with Muerta now. Her head fell back, and then she knew no more.


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