160 ~ Anala

It was one of her captains who found her and told her the news.

“Bellica Yarrow’d be back?” she whispered to the woman, who nodded. “Ye’re sure – ye saw her yerself.”

“Yes ma’am,” Dina replied. “I watched her go into Lord Exsil Vis’ tent. I think she’s forming an alliance with him.”

Anala’s mind raced. “Aright, Dina,” she said at length, “pass tha order through tha second regiment ta not fire on Yarrow, do ye ken? And make sure tha regiment gets spread around tha others more like,” and she made her meaning clear with her look.

Dina saluted. “Yes Ma’am.”

“Good woman,” Anala said, and watched the captain go back to her duties.

Yarrow was back. Anala felt hope for the first time in too long.


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