167 ~ Jester

Jourd’Juno, 15th Trinnia

When she returned to the seraglio after her night spent with Yarrow – her first good sleep in a while – it was with renewed hope and vigour. Before she set to the instructions given her by the bellica, she woke James, who received her with the same worry, love and relief that he did each time she returned from her rounds among the troops. He had not yet been sent out, and she was sure this was a way to punish them.

While he hated himself for not being used in place of her, she did not – only thanked the Goddesses for keeping him safe. She was a fast healer, it was true. She could stand the abuses laid on her.

She hoped.

She fell into his arms and caressed him, suddenly seeing a future with the fellow prisoner she’d come to love. “Yarrow’s back,” she whispered as quietly as possible to him, and saw his face hold a gamut of emotions that all translated into the same one – hope. “With a vengeance.”

“Thank the Goddesses,” he whispered, and kissed her. “We’re saved.”


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