172 ~ Coalette

2570 hours

She was getting a mite nervous. Jules was supposed to be through already. Or had she misinterpreted the glance Yarrow had given her?

From her position close to the castle she surveyed the camp, trying not to let her nervousness show. Several members of the seraglio had come out, she saw, and were entertaining the men. All priestesses.

That was no change, except she hadn’t expected it on the night they were to attack. Mayhap Lord Exsil Vis’ men had different — worse — discipline from the regiments. They certainly had worse table manners.

She clamped her teeth together and started to walk the width of the Town Square, as casually as she could. When she came close to a lieutenant of hers, she asked the woman if she’d like to go for a walk. The woman nodded and the two of them walked together, so Coalette’s pacing would be unnoticed.

Where in Tyvian was Jules?


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