173 ~ Jules

2575 hours

His luck was unbelievable. As he’d tried to negotiate with Jason, to try and spare his life, the man had suddenly dropped the cutlass, saying nothing.

He’d turned to see the man had crumpled to his feet, unconscious, and the entire Second Regiment– First Regiment now, he supposed, but Anala’s regiment nonetheless — behind him, ready for battle.

The captain who’d knocked Jason out nodded to him. “The Admiral said you’d be through. Glad we made it in time.”

Jules almost laughed. “Yeah, me too.”

The captain looked up, then, and Jules followed the man’s gaze to the battlements. There was a sentry, he saw — but unarmed. “We’re to wait for the signal,” he said, and Jules realised the sentry waited before a fire brazier.

“Signal of what?”

The man shrugged.


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