176 ~ Caelum

2580 hours

He was sure the man had not expected the blow that knocked him from his position of choking Yarrow and to the ground. Caelum didn’t give him a chance to regroup. He landed vicious blows across the Vocan’s face, turning the man’s once attractive features into a pulpy mass.

Lord Exsil Vis only laughed, acting as if Caelum had been tickling his face with a feather instead of punching the living Tyvian out of it.

Caelum paused in surprise, and the other man took the opening. He flipped Caelum over his head in a move that Yarrow had used upon the then-major over two months ago. Except now lives were at stake.

Before Caelum could rise the Vocan was on top of him, delivering the same blows the Consort had given him, except that these hurt Caelum considerably. He raised his arms, tried to get a blow in, but to no avail.

The lord of Voco was possessed of superhuman strength.

Caelum felt hands close around his throat and knew his fate was the same as Yarrow’s.

I’m sorry I wasn’t good enough, he thought, though to whom it was directed he wasn’t sure. He was just sorry. He’d failed, in so many ways.

Then, before his eyes that could barely take in sight anymore, he saw olive-skinned arms go around Exsil Vis’ neck, fingers clawing at his face, and the face of a very pissed-off Empress over the Vocan’s shoulder.

Lord Exsil Vis fell off Caelum to fight this new attacker, and the Consort breathed in fresh air to his lungs. He could barely move, but he forced himself up, and when he did, he froze at the sight in front of him.

In hand-to-hand combat with Lord Exsil Vis, Zardria was winning.


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