179 ~ Jules

2584 hours

The signal had been lit. They opened the gates, ready to attack the forces of Voco.

What met their eyes astounded them. Half the Vocans slept peacefully, another quarter stumbled around as if suffering from a hallucinogenic drug, and the final quarter was engaged in battle with Yarrow’s regiment.

Not a word was said; Anala’s regiment knew what to do. Jules and the soldiers surged into the battle, giving support to the troops already engaged. Jules found himself fighting beside Coalette, who smiled at him gratefully. She was injured, blood leaking through her shirt in the armpit, but kept on fighting regardless.

“Glad you made it, Major,” she said, stabbing a Vocan in the stomach and knocking him to the ground.

Jules said nothing, but kept on fighting, covering the quickly weakening captain. He hoped they’d win soon; he needed to take a look at her injury or they could lose her. Coalette was a good captain, a good friend.

They cut a swath through the enemy forces, fighting well together. They were halfway across the Town Square when he heard it.

The clatter of hoofbeats against cobblestones, to the west, and the unmistakable battle cry of a bellica.

Not a few minutes later Bellica Agate and three regiments burst through, joining in the fray. Jules let out a cry of relief, and quickly caught Coalette, who had now fainted from blood loss. He dragged her back through the gate to the castle, through which no forces had penetrated, and into the castle, towards the hospitalis.


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